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The Little Book of Stretches 

Each stretch below has a video link that corresponds to a stretch found in the book. 

Use these videos for directional cues and motivation with your stretching. 

A Frame - Back Leg Turned In (Wide Stance) 

A Frame - Bend and Flex Dynamic Sequence 

A Frame - Diagonal front Foot Dynamic Stretch/ Sequence

A Frame - Front Foot Turned In

A Frame - Front Foot Turned Out

A Frame - Narrow Stance 

A Frame - Parallel Wide Stance

A Frame - With a Twist Reach

A Frame - With Open Reach 

Attitude Parallel Split - Lunge

Bow Pose

Bridge with Bent Legs

Bridge with Straight Legs 

Cat and Cow A

Cat and Cow B

Chest Stretch - Seated 

Chest Stretch - Standing 

Childs Pose 

Childs Pose - Lateral Reach 

Childs Pose - Thread the needle 


Cow Face Pose Variation - Forward Fold

Cow Face Pose Variation - Head Release

Cow Face Pose Variation - Side Bend


Down Dog

Down Dog - A Variation with Knees Bend

Down Dog - Three legged dog

Figure of 4 Stretch - Lying

Figure of 4 Stretch - Lying with Advanced Hamstring Stretch 

Figure of 4 Stretch - Seated

Figure of 4 Stretch - Standing

Front Frog - Lying Face Down

Front Split - Closed Hip

Front Split - Forward Reach 

Front Split - Open Hip 

Front Split - Quad Stretch 

Front Split - Split Starter

Front Split - Twisted

Full Camel 

Gated Side Bend - Kneeling Reaching Away

Gated Side Bend - Kneeling Reaching Towards

Grande Plie - A la Second

Half Bow (lying facedown both hands)

Half Bow (lying facedown one hands)

Half Bridge Pose

Half Camel

Half Lotus 

Half Spilt - Intuitive Release

Half Split - Parallel and Forward    

Half Split - Psoas Release

Half Split - Turned out Front Leg

Half Split - Twisted Reach

Half Split - Open Reach 

Half Wall Frog

Happy Baby

High Lunge- Forward Reach

High Lunge - Hands Down

High Lunge - Open Reach 

High Lunge - Twisted Reach 

High Lunge - Upright

High Lunge - with front foot turned out / Elbows down

High lunge - Outward Revolved Reach

Hip Flexor Rock

IT Band Release - Lying down

IT Band release - Standing Forward fold (crossed legs)

Jazz Split 

King Pigeon

Kneeling Box Pose - Extended Open

Kneeling Box Pose - Revolved

Kneeling Box Pose - Twisted

Kneeling Psoas Release

Kneeling Reverse Dancer (Opposite Arm)

Kneeling Reverse Dancer (Same Arm)

Low Lunge - Back Leg turned out Dynamic A

Low Lunge - Back Leg turned out Dynamic B

Low Lunge - Back Leg turned out Dynamic C

Low Lunge - Back Leg turned out Dynamic D

Low Lunge - Chest Lifted 

Low Lunge - Elbows Down 

Low Lunge - Forward Fold Reach

Low Lunge - Hands down 

Low Lunge  - Horizon Reach

Low Lunge - Open Reach 

Low lunge - Quad Stretch

Low Lunge - Twisted Reach

Low Lunge - Upright Reach

Low Lunge with Upright Reach + Side Bend combined

Lying Butterfly

Lying Compass Stretch - Side Extension 

Lying Hamstring Stretch Beginner 

Lying Hamstring Stretch with Advanced

Lying Quad Stretch - Face Down 

Lying Quad Stretch - on your side 

Lying Reverse Pigeon 


Pigeon Pose 

Pigeon - Criss Cross Arms

Pigeon - Forward Reach

Pigeon - Quad Stretch 

Pigeon - Revolved Arm Reach

Pigeon - Single Arm Reach

Plough Pose 

Plough Pose Variation with Knee Bent

Puppy Pose 

Seated Butterfly - Forward Reach

Seated Butterfly - Side Reach 

Seated Double Attitude - Diagonal Reach 

Seated Double Attitude - Forward Reach

Seated Double Attitude -Side Bend

Seated Half Lotus Forward Reach 

Seated Half Lotus with Side Reach 

Seated Pike - Crossed Leg

Seated Pike - Forward Fold 

Seated Pike - Forward Fold with Top Leg Crossed over Thigh

Seated Pike - Forward fold with Calf Stretch 

Seated Pike - Forward Fold Turn In

Seated Pike - Forward Fold Turnout

Seated Pike - Twist 

Seated Tree - Crossed Reach

Seated Tree - Forward Reach 

Seated Tree - Revolved Bend A

Seated Tree - Revolved Bend B

Seated Tree - Side Bend

Shoulder Stretch - Both Arms 

Shoulder Stretch - Reverse 

Shoulder Stretch - Single Arm

Sphinx Pose

Standing Back Extension - Dynamic 

Standing Compass - Side Leg Extension 

Standing Dancer's Pose - Opposite Hand 

Standing Dancer’s Pose - Same Hand

Standing Extended Leg Pose

Standing Extended Leg Pose / Stretch (folded over)

Standing Forward Fold - 1st Position

Standing Forward Fold - Parallel Stance

Standing Forward Fold - Single Leg Knee to Knee

Standing Gorilla Stretch

Standing Half Moon - Side Bends

Standing Split

Straddle - Forward Reach 

Straddle - Lying 

Straddle - Middle / Parallel

Straddle - Reaching Sweeps Dynamic Sequence 

Straddle - Side Bend

Straddle - Side Bend with Inside Leg Reach

Straddle - Upright Positon

Supine Spinal Twist

Up Dog

Wall Frog 


Wall Straddle lying - NO VIDEO AVAILABLE 

Wall Straddle sitting - NO VIDEO AVAILABLE 

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