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'Samuel Downing's knowledge and expertise in supplementary conditioning is quite frankly second to none. His ability to target progression and support individual weaknesses is invaluable to any dancer or studio. He is quite simply incredible. Together Rosina and Samuel provide an outstanding resource that provides a plethora of learning opportunities for unique learners. In short, I'm a big fan!'

'Samuel has been working with Anya for a while now. Not only has she developed strength and fitness from the specially designed programmes, but has gained Self-confidence. Sam has been kind and supportive and together they have developed a determination to work on self-improvement. Sessions are challenging and focussed on improving issues in dance technique from a physical aspect by providing individualised feedback and exercises. Classes are a good balance between a relaxed atmosphere with an underlying drive and rapid pace.' 


'Rowan loves and looks forward to her sessions with Samuel.   The difference in her flexibility and strength from her first session is amazing, she wouldn't have achieved what she has without these sessions.  This in turn has boosted her confidence in her abilities and her desire to improve more. 

It's not a one size fits all approach, Samuel is genuinely interested in getting to know his clients, what they want to achieve and what works best for them.'

'Sam is a wonderful teacher, motivating and encouraging his pupils with improvements seen immediately. His knowledge and skill set are excellent and varied. I really can’t recommend him enough. Jessica’s confidence has both physically and mentally been boosted with the improvement in her flexibility and strength and a new found positive outlook. Thank you Sam'


'I have been working with Sam online for nearly ten months now and I always look forward to my next weekly lesson with him. He has helped me to develop my flexibility, core strength and knowledge of how the muscles in my body work through a personalised programme. Sam is really friendly, explains his exercises clearly and the hour always flies by quickly. Training with him is awesome!'

'My daughter started seeing Sam to help with injury rehab and prevention. The injuries have never come back and he has been amazing in helping her gain new strength, and confidence. He approaches it from an understanding of the whole person, their interests and aims, not just a focus on the muscles and bones or the specific injury. I think understanding is what helps prevent recurrences of the injury. He understands of the impact dance has on the body and how to develop strength and stability to help dancers extend their abilities and stay strong and healthy. He does all this with a great sense of humour and fun and seems genuinely interested in his clients and what they want to achieve with their careers.'

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