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My Approach

As an ex-professional dancer, Samuel knows the demands that dance has on bodies and strives to educate and improve a dancers body awareness. Samuel is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer with additional knowledge and certification with Core Arts Pilates and Sugarfoot Therapy. Samuel trains some of the UK and Europes best young dancers promoting the #dancesmarter approach. 


Samuel's main goal is to enhance dancers training in a safe and encouraging way. Education first, followed by working on weaknesses or imbalances and then building up to their personal goals. Helping young dancers continue to grow and perform in a more optimum way whilst combining safe structured conditioning and stretch with biomechanical instruction of movement patterns.

Samuel is passionate about athleticism connected to artistry, his methods are safe and proven to help create champion dancers with long careers. 

'Samuel Downing's knowledge and expertise in supplementary conditioning is quite frankly second to none. His ability to target progression and support individual weaknesses is invaluable to any dancer or studio. He is quite simply incredible. Together Rosina and Samuel provide an outstanding resource that provides a plethora of learning opportunities for unique learners. In short, I'm a big fan!'

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