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Studio Sessions

Add Samuel Downing to your faculty. 

Offering classes for studios and college’s via zoom.


Over the period of lockdown the ability to offer specialised classes to establishments has been

a welcome addition to their

dancers skills and one that can be continued into normality. Samuel is able to offer

weekly classes as part of a studio timetable - the positive of these being on zoom allows

for dancers to do this in their own homes as part of a schedule or as a group at a studio

without Samuel having to visit the studio. Online classes offer specific one to one attention

and structure and allow Samuel to be able to work with more dancers as travel time is eradicated. 


Book Samuel either for a Strength session, a Stretch Session or a combined Stretch and Stretch class as part of your dance studio or vocational timetable.

Classes will be held virtually so internet connection is required. This allows further flexibility of sessions within your schedule. Offering dancers specific classes to take part in for homework or holiday focus.


Enabling studios to have a regular slot in their timetable delivering a conditioning class by a professional coach. Structured on enhancing the dancers training, improving the body alignment, posture, flexibilty, core strength and movement control. Allowing strength and power within the body to be integrated with essence of dance.

Strength class - will work through a series of bio-mechanical movement patterns and develop the dancers using smart and effective strengthening techniques. 

Stretch class - will be influenced from yoga practice and active stretching. The class has a structured flow, working through dynamic movements, points of relaxation and anatomical awareness. 


The clases can also be combined together. 

The classes are between 45mins and 1 hour long depending on how you’d like to fit them into your dancers timetable. 



Availability on Monday - Wednesday term time evenings.

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