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Safe Stretch Plan for Dancers

After an initial consultation, I will create a personalised 6-week follow through program based upon my Little Book of Stretches to structure and prioritise effective stretch regimes.

So, Sam, what makes your stretch plans so special?

  • They are tailor made for the individual dancer for their needs and wants for their personal flexibility goals.

What is different about these in comparison to copying free videos from Youtube? 

  • Youtube videos are great for inspiration but not for safety. Often they lack instruction and correctional cues. The dangers of this are of course injuries, short term and also long term. I've worked with a lot of dancers who have become exceedingly uneven due to stretching just one side for their special tricks. Stretching is dependent on physique, my plans, from the initial consultation work alongside each dancers specific body type and shape.

Give me three words that describe what good flexibility gives you as a dancer?

  • Sustainability, Freedom and Longevity 

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