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1 Single  One-2-One session available.


 *All sessions are 55mins*


Please note your availability in the comment box



Samuel Downing is offering specialist weekly / biweekly sessions for dancers to add to your existing Dance schedule to help improve skill set to reach your strength and stretch goals.


What you can expect from a Virtual 1-2-1 session with Samuel Downing PT

Your virtual private lesson will be specifically catered to your interests and needs.


Here is a list of areas we can focus on:

  • Flexibility Stretch

  • Specific Dance Conditioning

  • Pilates

  • Increase knowledge about their body mechanics when they dance

  • Increase Strength

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Increase Dance Skill set

  • How to move effectively and efficiently

  • Injury Prevention


Online sessions are delivered either via FaceTime or Zoom.


The positive of online training allows more flexible time slots and focused training.

After initial assessment the class follows the pattern of warmup, strength and finishes with stretch depending upon the smart goals discussed.


Equipment recommended : Yoga Mat, Resistance bands, Yoga block
Theses sessions follow a series of 6 weeks after initial consultation for optimal improvement.


As an ex-professional dancer, Samuel knows the demands that dance has on bodies and strives to educate and improve a dancers body awareness.




One-2-One Online Session

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